Search Engines


Google has a well-deserved reputation as the top choice for those searching the web.  The crawler-based service provides both comprehensive coverage of the web along with great relevancy.    Google offers cashed links, which allows you to view “dead” pages or see an older version of a page.  It offers spell checking, dictionary definitions, integration of stock quotes, street maps, telephone numbers etc.


Yahoo was launched in 1994 and is the web’s oldest “directory” a collection where human’s collect and organize web pages into categories.  Yahoo will produce excellent search results.  You have a choice between directory searching and crawler-based searching.

Ask Jeeves  

Ask Jeeves lets you search using natural language to ask a question. 

AOL Search  

AOL search provides users with editorial listings that come from Google’s index.  The main reason for using AOL search is if you are an AOL subscriber, the search engine provide index to exclusive AOL content.


HotBot provides searching of three of the web’s search engines Yahoo, Google, and Teoma.  It does not blend the search results but is a quick way to achieve different web search results in one place.

Metacrawler and Metasearch engines:


A popular metasearch site that displays a customizable list of search engines, directories and specialty search sites then displays results from each search engine individually.


A metasearch site that allows you to enter a term and will retrieve matching responses from the major search engines and organizes the results into categories.


The ability to view web results visually, it shows the results being interconnected by keywords.

Mamma   is one of the oldest meta search engines on the web.  It searches a variety of major crawlers, directories, and specialty search sites.


Searches the major search engines and provides the ability choose from a list of hundreds, but you must open a free account to use this feature.  You can preview any page from the results list.

News Search Engines:

Google News  

The capability to search by keyword across thousands of news sources, the news tab from google’s main page auto generates news headlines from the day, and time of news is indicated.

Yahoo News    

Similar to Google News allows you to do a keyword search across thousand of news sources; it lets you browse categories of news where Yahoo editors have assembled articles and resources.

AllTheWeb News  

A keyword search that searches against content gathered from news sites across the web.  The advanced search allows for a narrowing search.

AltaVista News  

A keyword search against news gathered by AllTheWeb news search engine; drop down menus makes it easy to narrow your search.


Daypop is a keyword search through content it finds from crawling through news web sites.  You can also search weblog content and information from RSS feeds.